Just in Time Instructor Reminders

Faculty of Arts & Science Just-in-Time Instructor Reminders

The A&S Academic Handbook contains all policies and recommended practices related to undergraduate teaching and courses in the Faculty of Arts & Science.

These weekly Just-in-Time instructor reminders highlight relevant sections of the Handbook as well as other A&S and UofT resources for instructors, including the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI).

If you have any questions about any issues related to teaching or to items in the handbook or in these reminders, your first contact should typically be the undergraduate administrator in your department or unit* (a list of undergraduate administrators is available on the A&S website). If they can’t answer your question themselves, they can direct you to the appropriate resource.

If you receive these emails from your academic unit, they might include additional details about unit-level practices. Items that you might wish to consult with your unit about are highlighted in yellow below.

* “Unit” or “academic unit” is a term used in A&S to indicate a department, a centre, an institute, a school, a program or a program within a college.

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